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Origin of Emei Wushu

Emei Wushu was named after Mountain Emei, approximately it originated at the end of the Warring States Period and had been prevailing during those 500 years from Tang Dynasty to Song Dynasty. In the Warring States Period, Si Tu Xuan Kong lived and cultivated crops in mountain, he mimicked the motions of apes and monkeys and created the “Tong Bei Boxing” with flexible attacking and defending skills based upon the hunting skills, and he was known by people as the Bai Yuan Founder. In 6th century, the monk Yun Tan from the Song Mountain in Henan introduced the boxing skills and attacking skills of northern areas to Mountain Emei, exploring together with monks and Taoists in the mountain and combining the characteristics of local Wushu, they learned from other's strong points to offset weakness and gradually created the slow and firm “Emei Wushu” with the association of activity and inertia and the internal and external cultivation. In 9th century, Wushu monk Bai Yun created the “Emei 12-post Skills”, “Zhou Tian Ban Yun Method”, “Qing Jing Gui Yi Method”, De Yuan created the “Bai Mei Boxing” and wrote the book “Emei Boxing”, establishing the theory of Emei Wushu based upon practices. In 17th century, Wushu monks Tai Kong, Shen Deng etc. created the “Zi Wu School” boxing together with Qing Yun Taoist, Wush monk Yue Lang created the “Liu Cheng Boxing” and introduced the “Shao Lin Arhat Boxing”, Wushu monk Hai Deng of modern times traveled around and absorbed advantages of various schools and created the “Two-finger kung fu” and compiled the “Emei Sword” and wrote the “Qigong Essentials” etc. And then after several years' development the Emei Wushu has gradually become one of the three main Chinese Wushu schools.

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